About BJ and Co


Hi friends! My name is Kate and this is my brand BJ and Co.

I am married to my husband James and together we have two children, Blake and Maddison. We live on a small property in Gundaroo, country NSW.

We purchased our property in 2018 and it is just down the road from my family farm where they have lived for over 150+ years.

Being a first time Mum with a new baby, I could never find a comfortable / waterproof play mat to take with us to watch my husband's football games on the weekends. So I did some research...

I noticed there wasn't really anything like this available on the market, so I decided to start making them for myself. Through a lot of trial and error, as time went on, I found the right materials to make the playmats waterproof on both sides.

Learning to make my first few designs has been helpful for me, as I use my older designs to take to football games, use for beach days and outdoor picnics. We even use our playmats for both children to watch daddy shear our sheep.

On the days I'm not at home sewing, I have a passion for baking.

The name BJ and Co was inspired by our children. BJ comes from my son's name Blake James and Co is for the rest of the family. We were always going to have more children, so it fit well and left it open for us to grow.

The patterns you will see throughout our store are a representation of our country lifestyle.

Hope you enjoy shopping!